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NVu Class
Based on a Technology Integration Class

Michael Orey

This technology integration course will look at some of the most popular models for integration and some of the most used tools used in the classroom. The most popular models are problem-based learning (with a focus on Webquests), project-based learning (integrated with cognitive tools), and traditional instructional software. You will be expected to complete a portfolio based on the ISTE NETS standards for teachers. These four projects are the core of the course, but there are some quizzes/interactive activities to help you with the content. Also, I ask you to make a webquest for your children, so I also ask you to participate in two webquests as part of this class (by the way, although the list last in this plan, you can really do them whenever you wish). You might want to print out this page and check things off as you complete them.

There is no required text for this course. Most of the readings are available online. However, the most complex tool for you to learn will be the web page tool you choose. Two of the most common are Dreamweaver and FrontPage. I recommend that you get a good step-by-step guide to building web pages and you begin that book today. Here are the two books I think are pretty good (pay attention to the version of the software in the title and make sure you get a book that aligns to the version of the software that you have).

Sorry, there is no book for NVu, but here is a nice and short introduction to using NVu. Click here for the NVu tutorial.
Or, here is a very good one as well. Click here for the alternative NVu tutorial.

Here is the plan for this course.

Course Plan


Tool Time
Due Date: June 19
Topic: Getting Started with Web Tool
NVu + FileZilla
  1. Learning a web tool is likely the most complex part of this class. So, if you do not know much about making web pages, I recommend you begin with one of the four most complex parts -- Managing Files on your computer. Frontpage sets up these folders for you (I learned after I recorded this). So, you should only listen to this if you are using Dreamweaver and NVu. Click Here.
  2. The second complicated part is figuring out a place to host your web pages, what their File Transfer Protocol (FTP) address is, and what your Uniform Resource Locator (URL) will be. Post your FTP and URL addresses in the bulletin board by the due date. Click Here.




Tool Time
Due Date: June 27
Topic: Setting up a Site but Not FTP
NVu + FileZilla
  1. I am not sure if you need help with launching FrontPage, NVu, or Dreamweaver. Here is a very short presentation to show you where they are located on my computer and how to Start them. Click Here.
  2. Here is a brief presentation on what you see when you first start NVu. Click Here.



Tool Time
Due Date: July 5
Topic: Creating Pages, Layout and Page Properties, Links, FTP
NVu + FileZilla
  1. It might be useful to take a look at some bad designs before beginning the creation of your pages. Here is a site that provides a little bit of design guidance. Click Here.
  2. You may also want to locate some graphics to help you design your site. There are many freely available resources. When you find an image you like, right click on the image and save it into your images folder. Click here for access to a good resource.
  3. In this presentation, I will give you a basic design that will allow you creative license, but will not push you into the bad design category. I also do some basic text formatting. Click here to see the NVu version of layout.
  4. Here is a presentation on inserting a photograph and manipulating the text to wrap around it. Click here to see image insert into your portfolio.
  5. The presentation shows you how to link to pages within your site, parts of the current page, email links, and pages outside of your site. Here is the NVu Version on links.
  6. The last part is to finish the site by using FileZilla to FTP your files to your web server. Click Here for a FileZilla Demonstation.



Free Stuff

Here is some free stuff. If you are going the open-source route, I have added links to the tools you will need. Everyone may need access to some graphics programs. Also, there are some free locations for graphics that are pretty good.

NVu - This tool is a web tool. It can take the place of FrontPage or Dreamweaver. It can do all the designs you will need for this class and beyond. It is pretty good, but the site management portion of the program is not very good. So, if you want to use this, you will also need an FTP program. I recommend FileVilla.

FileVilla - This is an FTP program that will allow you to send your files from your computer to your web-hosting server so that the world can see your pages. This is an open-source program so that it is free to use.

Picasa - This a free tool from Google. I use it all the time to manage all the digital photos I create with my digital camera. It is easy to crop images, get rid of red eye, export to a smaller form suitable for a web page, and many other photo editing functions. One of my favorites is that I set mine up so I can send photos to my local Eckerd Drug store and get my digital pictures printed.

Paint.Net - Here is a pretty good paint program to create your own graphics. Of course, you can always use your Paint program within Windows. This will allow you to create simple graphics and save them in either .gif or .jpg format (the two common formats for the web).

Open Clipart Gallery - Here is a pretty good source for graphics. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to make a profit from the use of these images. These are freely available for use as you see fit in your classroom, but if you intend to use them for a for-profit activity, you really ought to look for a clipart system where you pay for the graphics.

Pics4Learning - This is another good source for graphics for educational purposes.

Flickr - A great source for free photos. Feel free to contribute some of your own!